This week,  Dec. 27th through to Jan. 2nd we have different readers available for readings.   Come in for either a psychic, tarot, Tea leaf, or mediumship reading and see what’s in store for the 2017 year!

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Tarot Card Parties

Tarot Card Parties

We have a wonderful group of psychics, tarot card, palm and tea leaf readers  to accommodate your party.

Pricing ranges from  $45.00-$100.00 per person depending on reader, time and distance travelling.  Special group rates available for a minimum of six people.

Call 604-553-2606 to book your party!tarot-card-party



Psychic Readers, Tarot Readers and Mediums in New Westminster


If you are looking for some guidance and clarity or have questions about your life call 604-553-2606 call and  we will set you up with an appointment with one of our amazing psychic/tarot card readers.  604-553-2606

If you would like to connect with someone who has passed we also have mediums available.

Call 604-553-2606 to book an appointment.

Cacao Journey with Symentha


A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you to the insight and awareness to move towards that goal.

When you consume cacao prepared for ceremony using high quality raw cacao beans, all the mood enhancing neurochemicals in cacao become particularly active. There is increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, the whole body is nourished, awareness and focus is heightened and sensations are intensified.


The context of the ceremony is a safe and beautiful space that supports meditation (reflection and connection to the “larger aspects of yourself”). This creates a rare opportunity to explore and sit with the stories of the heart and to identify areas that are causing you restriction, limitation and pain. You have the chance to relax deeply and receive insights, inspiration and creative ideas that can give you a clarity on the “next steps” of your life and where you can support your overall health.

Many people report a deep sense of joy and peace, a connection to something bigger than themselves as well as insights of limiting behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are able to be understood and released within the safe environment of the ceremony.

Join us on Nov. 24th for a cacao journey which includes drinking the delicious  cacao along with some meditation and breath work.  The after affects are amazing!

$25.00 for early bird registration.  After Dec. 20th the price goes to $30.00

Call 604-553-2606 to book your spot!


All of us have unlimited healing energy flowing through our spiritual system. Using simple techniques, it is possible to tune into and access this energy for our own healing projects.
We also have the ability to meet and receive direct support
from a spiritual healing guide.
In the workshop you will be taught how to work with your own unique healing energy, as well as connecting to your spiritual healing guide.
Techniques covered include:
grounding, centering, opening the healing channels in your arms and hands, focusing healing energy, connecting to and working with your healing guide.
This workshop is taught by Virginia Dudley
Limited Space
Please R.S.V.P at 604-553-2606.
About the Venuehealingguide


There are many wonderful benefits of Reiki.  Reiki is a very simple process but usually produces quite profound effects.  The main purpose of Reiki is not only to heal diseases, but also to promote a reiki healing for my special positive mind and healthy body so that people can experience joy in life.

It dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit

Increases energy levels

Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension

Clears the mind and improves focus

Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability

Reduces blood pressure

Helps relieve pain

Supports the immune system

$60.00 for an hour Reiki Treatment

Call 604-553-2606 for more information


Virginia offers clairvoyant readings and energetic healing work.  She specializes in Rose Readings, using the symbol of a rose to provide information and insight, from the spiritual perspective, about your present-time growth periods.  As well, all readings including Past Life readings which provide valuable informationon to apply to present life experiences.  For all of her work, Virginia combines her more than twenty years of formal training as a reader and healer, with her natural intuition and the support of her spiritual guidance.

To book a reading with Virginia call 604-553-2606 or email




Resonance Repatterning is a profound system, created by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, used to identify patterns, deep within us, usually at an unconscious level, that govern how we experience life.

Identifying – when we know what is truly going on at that deep unconscious level, we can begin to change ourselves and our lives

Resonance – we become what we resonate with. If vibrationally we resonate with negativity, that is what we attract and encounter. When we resonate with a higher coherence, we entrain with energies that are enhancing, leading us to greater empowerment.

Shift – only when we recognize and identify what the patterns are and where they came from, can we then determine what frequency is needed to be brought into our system to create a new higher vibration, allowing for greater joy, ease and peace.

Modern science understands that everything is of energy. Energy is a vibration. Vibration equals a frequency. When our frequencies come into phase with life depleting experiences they manifest as physical, emotional or mental stress. Once the core nature of the stress can be identified, self empowerment is restored.


All sessions are sensitive to the clients needs in the present moment. A safe and confidential environment is the precursor to any healing journey.               SESSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE OVER THE PHONE                         EMAIL: JONPEN@SHAW.CA OR PHONE 1-250-586-3316jonathan martic pic